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Guide to ARB’s Diesel Vehicle Regulations
ARB's Guide to Diesel Vehicle Regulations

A Guide to ARB’s Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Regulations provides basic information and resources to help take the guesswork out of California’s clean truck and bus requirements.

Supplemental Environmental Project Report
Supplemental Environmental Project Report

The Supplemental Environmental Project Report  is a CCDET publication that highlights our objectives, activities, outcomes, and how Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) funding supports our efforts.

Preventive Maintenance Handbook

Preventive Maintenance Handbook

The Preventive Maintenance Handbook is a CCDET publication that describes preventive maintenance procedures to help keep your truck running smoothly and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Disponible en español: Mantenimiento Preventivo para Camiones Pesados

CCDET II Student Course Materials

CCDET IV: Smoke Testing Commercial Harbor Craft

This document contains the Course Materials for the CCDET IV course.

CCDET I: Clean Truck Check

CCDET I: Clean Truck Check Student Materials

Course Outline, Handouts, & Student Slides for the CCDET I course.

CCDET I: SAE J1667 Snap Summary 

CCDET I: SAE J1667 Snap-Acceleration Summary (Cheat Sheet)

This document summarizes the key elements of the Snap-Acceleration Procedure in a single handout. Print it booklet-style on 11″ x 17″ paper, and the four pages fit on one, foldable sheet of paper.

CCDET III Student Course Materials

CCDET III: Opacity Testing for Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE) Student Guide

This document contains the Course Outline, Handouts, and Student Slides for the CCDET III course.

Web Links

HDVIP Background

Following a detailed field study, the ARB implemented the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP) in 1991. This web page provides details regarding the background and origin of the HDVIP.

SAE J1667 and Diesel Particulate Matter

Diesel Programs and Activities

Diesel Truck

Diesel Programs and Activities. This page provides links a variety of topics related to diesel including:

Advisories and Regulations

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Resources

CARB Heavy-Duty Diesel Inspection & Periodic Smoke Inspection Programs This page contains multiple links to important information related to these programs.


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